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Having an online presence is extremely important for businesses today, and to ensure your website has the best foundation, we include basic on page SEO in our prices. We build the following elements into every website as a matter of course. They are all very important for search engine, but are often overlooked as part of the design process:
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*Adding meta tags in the source code:

Keyword meta - approximately 20 keywords are added to the section of your website. These are words, terms and phrases you expect people to type into Google when searching for your service or website topic. Google uses these keywords, and their instances in the content text of your site, to assess your site’s relevancy. Including niche search terms narrows the amount of competition for page rank.

Description meta – this is a 20 word description added to the section of your website. For SEO purposes it should contain, or be made up of, your keywords, including your local area. It also dictates the description found in Google search results underneath the heading, in grey below:

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*Correct browser title:

This is the wording that appears at the very top of the browser window, indicating the page a visitor is viewing. This is often overlooked, but is very important. It also dictates the heading of your Google search result, in blue above.

*Site map:

We build and submit an XML site map to Google. This both speeds up the process by which Google indexes your site listing, and acts as an optimising engines love site maps as they make it easier for their crawlers to find their way around!

*Alt tags:

Alt tags are the relevant descriptive words that appear when the mouse hovers over an image. They are used by some browsers to show contextual info about an image for people who may have images turned off in their browser, but search engines like to see them…especially if they contain keywords.

*Internal links:

The amount of link activity on a website is an indicator to Google that the website is highly consistent, active and relevant. They also make it easier for Google to find and index all the pages on your website. Links should be made from within the text of individual pages to other pages on the site, using linked words on each page that reflect the keywords of the destination page.

*h1 h2 tags:

The h tags involve putting website page and section headings in a special priority code. This helps search engines to recognise what the important info is on your site. Putting your keywords in h tags is good for SEO, as Google values the relevancy and consistency these display.
There are many things that can be done to organically improve the value of your website to search engines like Google. We offer in depth optimisation and marketing campaigns at reasonable rates as a complement to our already comprehensive website package. We also advise and support our customers to do their own effective tasks in this area, both in the preparation stages and upon completion of their site.
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